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Everyone Deserves Pleasure!
Everyone Deserves Pleasure

About Pleasure Allies

Pleasure Allies is a community of people who promote Sexual Health, Wellness and Pleasure.

This community of people I generally refer to as Sex Educators. That can encompass many different avenues of education, experience and work environment. Here are some possible other names for people I consider Sex Educators: a relationship coach, a therapist, counselor, sex blogger or author, an intimacy expert, a divorce lawyer who wants to help people have healthier transitions, a sexologist, a religious leader interested in creating a more sex-positive congregation, a doula or midwife, a sex worker, a communication nerd, social worker, sex-positive podcaster, Kink or Tantra teacher, brand ambassador, toy manufacture or alike/adjacent fields. 

Together this community of people help curate the products that you see on the website based on Brand Reputation, Material, Quality, and overall Use. These are the product our Sex Educators feel comfortable using for themselves as well as recommending to others. 

You can also visit the "Meet Our Sex Educators" Page for more information

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