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Everyone Deserves Pleasure!
Everyone Deserves Pleasure

Become A Pleasure Ally Affiliate!

Make Money Referring Sales

Would you make a good Pleasure Ally? Do you…

  • Routinely recommend adult products to clients, friends, and family?
  • Wish you could direct people to one safe place to shop for their pleasure needs?
  • Care about the quality of the products being sold? 
  • Care about the reputation of the brands being offered?
  • If you answered yes, then you might be a good Pleasure Ally!

Why become a Pleasure Ally?

  • Earn a Commission for each sale you refer
  • Commissions start at 10% of every sale
  • There’s no cap on your Earnings so refer away!
  • Affiliate Portal allows you to track your success!

We take care of all the stressors associated with the sales aspect:

  • No need to worry about physical inventory and storage of product.
  • Order fulfillment and shipping are completed for you
  • We take care of secure payment methods.
  • Lost orders, broken products and warranties, we handle those too!

How do I get started?

  • Fill out the Pleasure Allies Affiliate Application

How are affiliate payouts processed?

  • Referral commissions are paid via PayPal.
  • Pleasure Allies promptly processes payments at the beginning of the month from the prior month's sales, provided that the minimum payout threshold was reached.

Do you provide reports of my sales activity?

  • Reports are available via your Affiliate Portal, for tracking sales and commissions.

Where can I advertise your products and services?

  • You can advertise on your website, blogs, social media, etc.
  • You can also add a referral link to any marketing emails you already routinely send.  

Who can be a Pleasure Ally Affiliate?

  • People or websites that relate to the pleasure or medical industry.
  • Content must be their own, and not copied from other places.
  • Blogs must contain the author and sources.

Pleasure Allies can encompass many different avenues of education, experience and work environment. Here are some possible other names for people I consider Pleasure Allies:

  • Sex Educator,
  • Sex Geek,
  • relationship coach,
  • therapist,
  • counselor,
  • sex blogger,
  • author,
  • intimacy expert,
  • divorce lawyer who wants to help people have healthier transitions,
  • sexologist,
  • religious leader interested in creating a more sex-positive congregation,
  • doula or midwife,
  • sex worker,
  • communication nerd,
  • social worker,
  • sex-positive podcaster,
  • Kink or Tantra teacher,
  • brand ambassador,
  • toy manufacture,
  • or alike/adjacent pleasure or medical fields. 

Pleasure Allies Affiliate PLUS Program

For those that want MORE!

  • Want a dedicated landing page on the website?
  • What if it could feature your recommended products?
  • You could be featured on the Meet the Pleasure Allies Page!
  • Then Pleasure Allies Affiliate PLUS Program might be for YOU!

Pleasure Allies Affiliate PLUS Program Perks:

  • Get a Personalized Landing Page on the website with:
    • Your Name
    • Personal Photo (Professional Headshot Recommended)
    • Mini Biography to tell others about you and your specialty.
    • Up to 36 items you routinely recommend, pre-linked to those items.
  • Your recommended products list can be updated quarterly.
  • You are featured on the Meet the Pleasure Allies Page.
  • Access to a 5% Discount Code to offer your clients.
  • Special Discounts for New and Featured Products.
  • Special Opportunities for Content Creation.
  • Earn store credit when you refer another eligible Pleasure Ally.

Pleasure Allies Affiliate PLUS Program Cost:

  • 1 Time Set up Fee of $50 and $15/Month OR
  • 1 Time Set up Fee Waived, if $150/Billed Annually (Save $80/Year One)
  • Al a cart fees only apply for additional customization requests such as: more than 36 featured products, page updates more frequently, or additional information on the page. 

Affliate Program Application

Ready to join the Pleasure Ally Community?

Ready to join the Pleasure Ally Community?

Fill out the application to get started in the basic program.

If approved, you can upgrade to the PLUS Program after.

Apply Now!