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Everyone Deserves Pleasure!
Everyone Deserves Pleasure

Meet Our Pleasure Allies

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Mason Luke, He/Him

Mason Luke is the founder of Pleasure Allies. Mason started selling sex toys via the home party business in 2005. In 2017, he left the home party business to pursue his passion for selling products with a specialty for the LGBTQ+ Community. In 2023, he introduced Pleasure Allies with the idea of creating a safe place where Sex and Pleasure Educators would feel confident referring their friends, family, and clients too. Pleasure Allies only sells body-safe products from reputable brands. 


Chase Cramer, He/Him 

Chase Cramer is a TikTok Influencer with 225k followers. His channel is sex education-focused and LGBTQ-inclusive. He has experience working as a sex educator, phlebotomist in an HIV clinic, and an adult store employee. He cares very much about educating people on their options in the bedroom especially trans and differently abled folks. He cares about product quality and promoting items in a way where people can be the best decisions for themselves not for the money.

Marla Stewart, She/Her

Marla Renee Stewart, MA (she/her) is a sexologist, author, and sexual strategist who runs her own sexuality education company, Velvet Lips, and is also a Co-Founder of the Sex Down South Conference. She has studied human sexuality for more than 20 years and has given over 500 workshops all over the world. She also has been featured on a variety of media outlets, including Netflix’s Trigger Warning with Killer Mike and Love & HipHop Atlanta. She co-wrote her first book, The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay with Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, which debuted in April 2020.


Koe Creation, They/Them

Koe Creation's award-winning Sex Education, LGBTQ Activism, Public Health Advocacy in Intergenerational Non-Monogamous and Kink communities began in 2005. Their first book; This Heart Holds Many, is the first book written on multi-generational polyamorous families, from the child's perspective. Living in San Francisco; Koe is available for speaking engagements, coaching sessions & workshops!


Coach Lex, He/Him

Coach Lex (he/him) is a WASC-certified sex coach who specializes in sexual communication in order to create a world where people can speak about sex as comfortably as they speak about breakfast. His work includes individuals, couples, and the polyamorous community, as well as the LGBT and kink communities (GSRD groups). Lex facilitates groups, workshops, and works with clients worldwide.

Ellecia Paine, She/Her

Relationship Coach Ellecia Paine helps adventurous people break the social conditioning of monogamy and learn how to navigate healthy alternative relationship styles such as ethical non-monogamy, open relationships, polyamory and swinging. She helps them move through the challenges like jealousy, fear, anxiety, and insecurities in a way that strengthens their relationships, deepens trust and communication, and leaves them feeling confident.

As the host of the podcast Nope! We're Not Monogamous, Ellecia believes in courageously challenging the status quo and empowering people to create relationships that work for the real people in those relationships. Throughout the past 9 years living in an ethically non-monogamous relationship while working as a sex, love, and relationship coach, Ellecia has acquired valuable insight and a unique ability to share this information with her clients and audience in a way that hits home while leaving them feeling validated and whole.


Winter Sapphire, She/They

Winter Sapphire is a sex educator and tantric healer. With a background in filmmaking, photography, and teaching, Winter believes in a full sensory experience to drop in closer with oneself and the universe. Browse her pleasure suggestions to connect deeper with yourself and learn with Winter's help how to do it! 

Birdie, She/They

Birdie, also known as the 420 Sexologist, is centered around positive sexuality through cannabis use.  Her education includes an M.Ed, Masters of Human Sexuality from Widener University, and she is presently a Family and Consumer Sciences educator.   She is passionate about educating folks about the benefits of two highly stigmatized areas: sexuality and cannabis. 


Vielka Kano, She/Her

Vielka Kano, LPC, CST, is a certified Sex Therapist by AASECT, one of the highest certifications distinguished for its stringent guidelines, emphasizing competence, ethical integrity, and professionalism. With over two decades of dedicated study in human sexuality, she has successfully guided numerous couples in reigniting desire by integrating scientific knowledge with age-old traditions like Tantra and Taoism. Her expertise has earned her recognition in Women's Health magazine and Telemundo.



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