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Everyone Deserves Pleasure!
Everyone Deserves Pleasure

Custom Prosthetics

  • Custom Prosthetics are only available after the purchase of a Prosthetic Matching Survey and/or Consultation with Mason Luke.
  • An invoice will be custom generated based on choices selected and include a discount for use of the Consultation Process.  
  • Prosthetics Include Flaccid, Erect and Stand to Pee Models.
  • Size and Shape are pre-determined based on existing models from cisgender male penises. 
  • Customization might include choice of:
    • Skin Color - Silicone and/or painted.
    • Hair Color - Faux or Human.
    • Fill Type - Soft, Medium, Hard, or Extra Hard Plastic Rod
    • Add in Rod for Stand to Pee Devices
    • Built in Pleasure Sleeve or Ridges for Personal Pleasure
    • Silicone Adhesive Sheets
    • Built in Harness Attachment
    • Circumsised or Uncircumcised
    • Realistic Floating Testicles


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