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Everyone Deserves Pleasure!
Everyone Deserves Pleasure

Oxballs Fat Willy 3-Pack Jumbo Cockrings Orange

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$19.99 - $19.99
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FAT WILLY cockrings are OXBALLS bigger version of our amazing WILLY RING… our pack of three dick rings are BIG. These fat-boys cockrings are the next-step-up from WILLYS… 3 non-roll grippy rings designed to be right for your need…

FAT WILLYS are shaped to grip you soft or hard 3 max-grip cockrings that will not roll—they flatten out as you stretch so they stay where you put them. No rolling = no pinch. FAT WILLYS are what we call “fuck rings.” They grip tighter for maximum bone hardness.

Made of our softest rubbery incredibly stretchy Flextpr™—same as our WILLY RINGS… at OXBALLS we test our gear we use our toys… these might be the best size best fit rings we offer. For you bigger ballers stack these on your nutbag for gradual rubbery stretch you control.

OXBALLS loves color. FAT WILLYS are available in two new colors we love seeing on dick: SPACE BLUE is a smokey dark translucent blue super-deep and rich… STEEL is like “stretchy metal” a dark reflective metallic smoke that’s cooler than boring black. Our goal is the absolute best designs in colors that make sex look better!

FATWILLY approximate stats
  • Height: .75"/19 mm
  • Width: 2”/51 mm
  • Length: 2”/51 mm
  • Outside circumference: 6.5”/165 mm
  • Outside diameter: 2”/51 mm
  • Inside circumference: 3”/77 mm
  • Inside diameter: 1”/26 mm