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Everyone Deserves Pleasure!
Everyone Deserves Pleasure

Oxballs Morphhole-1 Gaper Plug Small Black Ice

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$76.99 - $76.99
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MORPH-HOLE fuckplug is based on our original PIGHOLE fuckplugs with all the best features a hole-gaping fuck toy stuffing plug should have—in new MORPH stretch PLUS+SILICONE™ TPR/Silicone rubbery blend and velvet BLACK ICE color.

MORPH-HOLE has an ergo shape designed to fit all around. The plug is shaped to fit right just deep enough wider where you want but narrow where you need so you can grip it in. Every part is designed for play you crave—the inner plug humps the right spot the inner opening fits toys and more with a larger knob chamber which opens wider with rings and humps for your partner's pleasure.

We re-thought how the base of this fplug should work. It curves to morph into your trench with crack-stretching thick rim lips that keeps your gaping wide. From the outside you get an amazing wide deep-funnel base it’s super huge because we KNOW how you use gape plugs.

The wide-mouth base makes filling and lubing deep inside easier makes crack-stuffing with toys the best—the neck is narrow enough to clamp down and keep MORPH-HOLE in. The base is huge for toy stuffing or your buddy can slide inside... nobody will miss that huge gape.

NOTE: Compare plug measurements with your current hole-toys when choosing size that fits you.

OXBALLS created the first gaping fplug. MORPH-HOLE black ice adds a deep funnel base to the best fplug design. We design the cool gear for all fetish play.

  • Deep velvet BLACK ICE color
  • Ergo shape with wide-mouth gape-stretching base
  • Inner chamber is ribbed and has humps for partner's pleasure
  • The right firmness to hole you open and let toys in
  • Smooth slick-finish PLUS+SILICONE™ feels velvety and slick

Length: 4"/10 cm
Width: 2"/5 cm
Depth: 2"/5 cm
Largest circumference: 11.3"/29 cm
Smallest circumference: 5"/13 cm
Usable circumference: 5-6.5"/13-17 cm
Inner hole diameter: 1-2"/3-5 cm
Base length: 4.5"/12 cm
Base width: 2.5"/6 cm
Product weight: 5 oz.