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Everyone Deserves Pleasure!
Everyone Deserves Pleasure
Mason Luke’s Guide to Picking Out Sex Toys!

Mason Luke’s Guide to Picking Out Sex Toys!

M - Money & Materials

While budget should be a factor in buying a product, consider your purchase an investment in your wellbeing. The material a sex toy is made of is going to have the most impact on your health since what it’s made up of can actually be toxic! Some sex toys are made of toxic materials that can be harmful to your body. Companies that create these sacrifice the quality of the product in order to make it cheaper.

Without getting into all the scientific information, here’s my quick list of materials that are safe for use: Phthalate Free, Paraben Free, Plastic, Silicone, Glass, Wood, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Alloy. Here’s my materials to avoid: Jelly, PVC, TPE and TPR.

A - Anatomical Use, Age & Accessibility

Every BODY is different and every person has unique needs. Consider the genitals and abilities of yourself and your potential playmate(s) when buying products. Not all toys work for all genitals.

S - Sensation, Style, Shape & Size

The biggest question is what type of sensation do you want your toy to produce or mimic? Size and shape do matter to most people, and will play a role in creating pleasure or pain in your experience, so narrowing down options to ones that fit your preference is key.

O- Options

The features a toy can have, are endless, but here’s a few to look for: colors, waterproof, rechargeable, quiet, multi – speed, or app enabled.

N - Negative Reviews

It's great to get 3rd party reviews of companies, brands, and products, since sometimes a company will only display their positive reviews and hide their negative ones.

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