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Sex Toy Materials

Sex Toy Materials

While Material might not be the first thing most people think of when it comes to sex toys it actually should be! The material a sex toy is made up is going to have the most impact on your health, since what’s it’s made up for can actually be toxic to your health! TOXIC?! Yes, you read that right! Some sex toys are made up of toxic materials that can actually be bad for your body. Why would that do that, right?! Well, some companies are able to get sacrifice the quality of the product to make it cheaper for people to buy. Here’s what to look for when buying sex toys and what materials to avoid. 
Phthalates – that’s the toxic material to avoid that is most commonly found in cheap sex toys. Phthalates in simple terms, are the group of chemicals that help soften toys and make them more flexible. While soft and flexible sounds great for sex toys, there are other ways to get that combination that’s not at the risk of your health and body. Here’s a few reasons that phthalates are bad for you: They are carcinogens (something that cause cancer), and they can affect the human reproductive system.
While there are many household items you interact with on a daily basis such as shower curtains and plastic bottles, that also contain phthalates, those items generally have smaller concentrations of these chemicals and you’re not making excessive contact with the body. Sex toys on the other hand are made to be used on or in the body. This contact is generally in the body’s most sensitive and fragile areas such as the vulva, vagina, anus and/or mouth. None of those areas should be getting toxins near them. This can be a source of yeast and urinary tract infections for some people.
Best course of action is to avoid buying any product that contains these Phthalates! Most sex toys will now state on their packaging if they are Phthalate free. If you’re not sure – ask! If you can’t find out – avoid it! If you already have a toy that probably contains phthalates and still want to use it, you can always put a condom on it to at least make it safer for use.
Jelly Based Sex Toys – These are soft and flexible toys that almost always contain phthalates! The manufactures start with rubber and add phthalates to it to make it more pliable. These products can be made into almost any shape and color while still remaining smooth and bendable due to their manufacturing process. Also, they generally contain small pores in the material that can trap harmful bacteria since it’s not easy to clean before and after use. Question any sex toy you see that’s a Jelly material! A typical sign for this material is its distinct rubbery odor and it usually has a chemical taste, not that I recommend going around smelling and tasting these toys either.
Plastic Sex Toys – Plastic tends to be inexpensive for toy production which helps to create inexpensive sex toys. Most of the time plastic toys are phthalate free, since they tend to be hard and non-flexible, which means they are generally safer for the body then those Jelly based toys. Their hard and smooth surfaces also make it easier for them to be cleaned, which adds to their ability to be re-used more safely. Some of the best vibrators are made from hard plastic since it transfers the vibrations from the motor to the ridged surface extremely well. If you want something a little more luxurious you might want to combine the plastic vibrator with smooth silicone casing.
Silicone Sex Toys – This is quickly becoming the most popular material for sex toys because the industry standard is demanding that manufactures start making better quality items. While many companies might boost of being High Quality, Premium, or Medical Grade- the fact is it’s SAFE! These products are going to be Phthalate free and non-porous – so no toxins going into your body or getting trapped on your toy. The best part is that they can still be soft and flexible, odorless, tasteless, and long lasting. While they are likely more expensive than other materials, they are made to last a lifetime – so consider it an investment into your sexual health! Proper care to keep them lasting a lifetime includes: Cleaning them before and after use, not storing them alongside other silicone products (I recommend using a toy storage bag), and don’t use them with silicone lubricants, always opt for a water-based lubricant instead. Some articles may say that it’s safe to use silicone toys and silicone lube together – BUT every silicone toy and every silicone lube has its unique blend of components, and you don’t want to be your perfect combination that caused your toy to damage.
Glass Sex Toys- Someone new to sex toys might not rush into a glass toy, but these toys are made from a specialized material that is highly durable and with sex in mind. They won’t shatter when dropped, so you know they will be safe inside you as well. So why glass? Glass toys can be used with any type of lubricant, including silicone and it won’t damage your toy. It’s odorless, tasteless, easy to clean and great for people with skin allergies. You can heat or cool the glass toy to create different temperature sensations (known as temperature play). Some of these toys are handmade or blown so they look like works of art!
Wooden Sex Toys – Speaking of works of art! There are some smaller boutique toy manufactures that have sex toys out of wood! They are all hand crafted and each one is as unique as the wood grain used to make it. Most of the ones I have seen tend to be butt plugs that were made on a lathe for some super clean lines. They have finishes much like a wooden salad bowl would keep it waterproof. These special finishes make it safe for the wood and the body. You have to be especially careful with these products since they can be damaged on the surface easily and once it becomes porous it loses its ability to be body safe. You can test for damages to the surface by submerging under water and if any dark water spots emerge in the wood, it’s time to retire or replace it. Interestingly enough many sex toys from back to 500BC were actually made of wood – because that’s the material they had back then!
Metal Sex Toys – Most of them are in either Stainless Steel or Aluminum. These are very similar to glass toys in that they: rigid, can be used with any lubricant, and are easy to clean. While these can also be used for temperature play, they are usually colder from baseline and not everyone like to insert something cold into them. Any of the solid metal toys tend to be heavier than the average toy of the same size, which means both added weight and pressure when being used. Some people find added the added weight can be too much for them while others love the added pressure sensation. They can also look very luxurious!
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