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Everyone Deserves Pleasure

Prosthetics for Transmen


Images of over 100 prosthetic penis products in the form of a mustache shape.

Prosthetics for Transmen
Reviews, Recommendations and Consultation Options
Mason Luke is our in-house expert on all things Prosthetics for Transmen. A transgender man with over 18 years in the adult industry. After testing and reviewing over 200 different prosthetics from various companies internationally he has a knowledge base that exceed most people in this space. While most of his reviews can still be found on YouTube, he moved into doing consultations as a way to help people find the right prosthetic significantly faster than them pouring through hours of You tube Videos. Over the last few years, he has consulted with over 100 individuals to help them find their perfect prosthetic.
Is a consultation right for you?
Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?
"Will this product meet my needs?"
"Is this a quality silicone product?”
“Will this easily break me or expose me to toxins?”
"Can I trust where I'm buying from?"
Mason Luke's Consultation Starts with an online survey:
This Prosthetic Matching Survey goes through questions about your personal prosthetic needs such as packing, standing to pee, personal pleasure, or for use with a partner. It asks about all your desires in how your prosthetic should look and feel. It gets a little personal with questions about your body, anatomy size, and shape. It also takes into consideration your personal clothing style and underwear preferences.
Every prosthetic is made with a different body style in mind.
This is especially important when it comes Stand to Pee Devices (STPs), so don't waste your money on prosthetics that aren't made your body type. If you have tried a prosthetic in the past and had an issue with leaking, the number one reason why is because it probably wasn't a fit for your anatomy. 
Why charge for the survey when the advice is free?
You could spend hours combing through Mason Luke's YouTube Channel for information – but it’s not going to be customized to you! It’s not going to point you to the products that are the perfect fit, and it’s not going to answer questions specific to your body type and personal desires. It takes time for Mason Luke to review the surveys, make recommendations, provide product links, answer any initial questions and continually buy new products on the market to stay up to date on new items. 
Note about Trust:
Mason Luke realizes that trust can be hard and that there are many companies out there who will scam you out of hard-earned money because it has happened to him multiple times!  However, he has a proven track record of helping people for free online while being extremely vulnerable in some of his shares. How many people do you know that are willing to tell you about their urination accidents? Or that time their dick fell on the floor in a public restroom? Or when TSA questioned one of the prosthetics in his luggage because it came up on the scanner as “visibly containing liquids”. These are his own stories that he shares publicly online because he homes that they will help people on in their process to finding the right prosthetic for them.  
Limited Risk!
Since Mason Luke is so committed to seeing you get the products that are right for you, he is also offering to refund half the price of your Prosthetic Matching Survey price, when you buy any the products, he recommends! That’s right! You get your half your money back as long as you purchase a matching product or add-on product within three months, from the recommended sources.
What are you waiting for?
Simply purchase your Prosthetic Matching Survey via the online link and your survey link will be sent to you fill out. As of now, it takes about a week Mason Luke to review and analyze the survey responses and respond via email with the results, product recommendations, any follow up questions and/or links to matching items. 
Not Ready to do a consultation yet?
Want to take the time to do your own research? 
Feel free to head to Mason Luke's Youtube Channel to look at some of his prior reviews. Note that some of the prior reviews are no longer publicly accessible but can be made available to those using consultation services. 

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