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Everyone Deserves Pleasure!
Everyone Deserves Pleasure

Mason Luke is now a part of Pleasure Allies!

Mason Luke started selling sex toys in 2006, and 2024 marks 19 years in the adult industry. Over the years Mason Luke has gone through a few different business models as the business grew and adapted to customer needs. From small Home Parties to worldwide reach doing Online Reviews, from one-on-one Private Consultations to huge Public Events. 

This year's change had to do with growth and opportunity moving forward. Mason will no longer be a one man show, self-fulfilling every order from his home. He has hired a warehouse team to do all fulfillment moving forward freeing up some much-needed time both personally and professionally to do other things. Mason is finally going to be able to go on vacation and to industry events without having to worry about orders coming in a delay with packages going out. 

Along with the new warehouse comes more space, and more product diversification! You will now start seeing new products and brands coming out more often and, in more colors, than previously offered. With more time freed up, the website can also be updated with these choices more frequently. 

Last but not least, the new website will hopefully be more user friendly for shoppers than the previous platform. Mason was really hindered in the ability to make website changes on the old system whereas the new website has significantly more features. One of the most important new features is the Affiliate Program! A way for folks to earn a commission when they refer others to buy their adult products here! This is something Mason has wanted to offer for years but couldn't do previously on the website and would have been hard to scale without the warehouse. 

Please note that not all the same products and services will be migrating to the new website, but Mason Luke is still available for consultations and can help guide you to products that are no longer found on this website. It will take a little while to move all the current inventory over the new website, but for most products' alternative can already be found here!

Please use the Promo Code: Welcome as you check out this new location!

Thanks for your continued support! 

Mason Luke 

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